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mother land

Does our mother land imprint on us more vividly. Is the cradle of soil we are first born into more home to us than any other land can be?  No mater the vast comfort of my new habitat I can not fully settle here. Home sickness hits me like a weight and I am reminded of my temporary right to the space and to these people.

What I do know is the guttural love I feel for both of my homes. I know the feeling of having my heart living very much in two places. The longing for my original landscapes are always comforted by the deep security and feeling of peace from the scenery of my adopted home. I contain within my beating heart this land on which I have decided to root my self to as much as my home land continues to contain me. In this series i juxtapose two landscapes, that of my home country and my new home where I have deeply planted my roots and my life. i explore the feeling of displacement as well as the dichotomies we all  experience in one way or another. 

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