"I found i could say things with colour and

shapes that I couldn't say any other way"

   -Georgia O'Keeffe


Alberta College of art and Design


The Glasgow school of Art.

(Glasgow Scotland)

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  "Art is a line around your thoughts" Gustav Klimt


Most art is purchased as the result of a 'coup de coeur' one sees a painting or a sculpture and with an absent hand to the heart connects with the piece, it's a love at first site sort of affair. Commissioning a piece of art is a very different story, a more considered sort of pursuit. In some way the buyer has his hand in the making and owning a painting or drawing you have had your hand in is a very special piece.   

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or other piece of work contact me by e mail or through the contact page with as many details about the work you have in mind. I look forward to creating something together. 


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As A child I drew incessantly, I cut and snipped and glued and colored, leaving a messy trail behind me. I don’t remember a time I didn’t make art.

I started out 'making' as children do (adults call it playing) and as I grew and matured so did my work. It was in my young teenage years, the years when my drawings were at their most tight and controlled, as cautious as my own self confidence that my mother (and her mother) proudly declared me 'the ARTIST of the family’ and let me know what a Grand thing it was to be. In that giant gesture my desire to produce solidified into who I could be.

An Artist.

And so I went to art school (Alberta College of Art and Design) where I lived off popcorn and learned how to be critiqued. I traveled in the summers until the summers were too short and in my third year I moved to Europe where I studied at the Rene Macintosh school of Art and Design in Glasgow Scotland and later settled in the South of France where I live and work today.


I make art as a response to my personal experiences and to what is happening in the world around me. I am a woman and so I paint the female perspective, I am a mother and so motherhood has increased the complexity of my work. I am a farmer and so the pleasure of rainfall, the patience of a plant, the weight of a fist full of soil  finds its way in to my art.

My work, like an owls pellet is a regurgitation of my experience. I have known loved ones die and nursed sickness and so love, connection, detachment, abandon and acceptance are recurring subject in my work. I am a foreigner living in a second language and culture. Displacement and the concept of ones "place" intrigues me. I am fascinated  by the human condition and by relationships. The simplicity and complexities of how we brush up against one another and how we blossom on this small green planet.  I weave in and out of these themes through my drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics.


Producing art has been a friend who has followed me through my life, the desperately hard moments and banal everyday, I am profoundly grateful for this friendship.


I hope you too may find something to hold on to, let go of or just sit and enjoy in my work.

Working like a mad man for my upcoming s

self portrait with a glass of wine

self portrait; Protected