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Cardboard dream 

Shown at the gallery 

Escatour  2019

They had been on the streets of Marseille, searching for cardboard to cushion the cold concrete nights after a long journey from their homes, an arduous journey we have all heard about on the news but can't quite accept the reality of,  that our fellow human beings actually have to live through such fear and trauma looking only for what we take so much for granted, safety and a place on the ladder. What was meant to be a few nights in a warm bed and a handful of hardy meals stretched into two months of living together; cooking, working the vines, school work around the kitchen table, Christmas, movie nights, new clothes, a soccer team, conversations, trips to the swimming pool and local Mosque. This series is a record of simple moments shared by strangers and made precious by the complex political and cultural cloak that hangs over us all. The strong colours and basic shapes evoke a basic truth - that opening your home and your heart is the easiest and most profound choice one can make despite huge differences. Life is complicated but simple joys are nestled in the everyday.     

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