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How do we accept the loss of a loved one, is it on a carpet of faith we ride the wild ride of bereavement without losing ourselves completely? Or does nature give us exactly the time and tools we need to live on, live stronger, deeper, fuller. I have felt the space you left, actual physical space, as concrete as a dime in the garden. The weight of the first year and then a slow peaceful acceptance with time. Ethereal offerings take over the physical memories, smell fades into a dream, your clothes take my own bodies form. We grow and age while you remain preserved in our perfect notion of you. JoJo is an ongoing series I started just after the loss of some one I didn't think I could ever bear losing. It is honoring  our connection, her life and her death. The last few moments we shared and her ability to forgive life and be at peace. i wonder while I paint her and the space she left how we hold on to each other and how we slowly let go.          

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