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<ma muse>

We fell in love picking olives, our hands in the soil, growing green beans and ripe tomatoes, raising chickens and harvesting grapes. He watches the moon and listens to the bees. 

Connected is an ongoing series of drawings in various styles, observing a man deeply connected to nature and his profound respect for it. We have found ourselves in a system of overproduction and consumption, more, more more, too easily ignoring the cost of more. We humans are a part of the natural world, what is the worth of your own two hands, of a lung full of fresh air and a ray of sunshine across your cheeks.? The question "what price tag would you put on clean water and soil" has been asked over and over, it has become a banal political slogan and a tedious tv commercial. Everyone is asking with so few answering. Nature provides the air we breath and the food and water that sustains us but it also nourishes our souls, our minds, our sense of balance and stability. A disconnection to nature is a disconnection to oneself, so why is it then that we are so easily pulled away from what is fundamentally our greatest necessity? 

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